Fiat Chrysler reportedly plans to open factory in Detroit for Jeep SUV

GM has come under fire after announcing last week which the idea plans to cut 14,000 jobs within the U.S. as well as also Canada, citing a weakening economy, the escalating trade war as well as also a desire to reposition itself as a smaller, more nimble company. Ford will be also scaling back, saying last week which the idea planned to cut a shift at two of its U.S. plants in an attempt to avoid more onerous layoffs.

Detroit will lose two GM facilities altogether. Both were performing well under capacity as well as also contributing to a dismal capacity utilization rate of just 76 percent across the United States, far below Fiat Chrysler’s rate of 0 percent.

Fiat Chrysler’s plants are running at close to capacity due to continued strong demand for trucks as well as also SUV’s. Overall, Fiat Chrysler’s sales within the U.S. are up 8 percent This specific year, easily outpacing the industry less than one percent according to the market research firm Autodata.

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