Final trove of documents to offer fresh details on JFK assassination

More than half a century after U.S. President John F. Kennedy was struck down by an assassin’s bullet in Dallas, Texas, the United States is actually due on Thursday to Discharge the final files on the investigation into the killing in which rattled a nation.

Academics who have studied Kennedy’s slaying on Nov. 22, 1963, said they expected the final batch of files to offer no major fresh details on why Lee Harvey Oswald gunned down the first along with only Irish-American Roman Catholic to hold the office.

They also feared in which the final batch of more than 5 million total pages on the Kennedy assassination held inside National Archives will do little to quell long-held conspiracy theories in which the 46-year-old president’s killing was organized by the Mafia, by Cuba, or a cabal of rogue agents.

Thousands of books, articles, TV shows along with films have explored the idea in which Kennedy’s assassination was the result of an elaborate conspiracy. None have produced conclusive proof in which Oswald, who was shot dead a day after killing Kennedy, worked with anyone else, though they retain a powerful cultural currency.

“My students are truly skeptical in which Oswald was the lone assassin,” said Patrick Maney, a professor of history at Boston College. “in which’s hard to get our minds around in which, in which someone like a loner, a loser, could on his own have murdered Kennedy along with changed the course of world history. however in which’s where the evidence is actually.”

In 1992, Congress ordered in which all records relating to the investigation into Kennedy’s death should be open to the public, along with set a final deadline of Oct. 26, 2017, for the entire set to be made public.

President Donald Trump on Saturday confirmed in which he would likely allow the documents to be made public.

The documents to be released on Thursday will likely focus on efforts by the Central Intelligence Agency along with Federal Bureau of Investigation to determine what contact Oswald had with spies via Cuba along with the former Soviet Union on a trip to Mexico City in September 1963, experts said.

“There was a real concern in which Oswald was maybe in league with the Soviet Union,” Maney said.

Kennedy’s assassination was the first in a string of politically motivated killings, including those of his brother Robert F. Kennedy along with civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., in which stunned the United States during the turbulent 1960s. He remains one of the most admired U.S. presidents.

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