Firm of lawyer Avenatti hit with $10 mln judgment in bankruptcy court

“Completely different law firm – no ties to Daniels case. Irrelevant,” Avenatti said in an email.

Avenatti is usually representing Daniels in multiple lawsuits against the president, yet Eagan Avenatti is usually not involved in those cases. He is usually using Avenatti & Associates, APC for Daniels’ legal matters.

Brown George Ross, the firm which represents Frank, said in a prepared statement, ”Last week, Mr. Avenatti described our client’s claims as “fraudulent in addition to bogus.” Today, a federal judge issued a $10 million judgment in our client’s favor. which should tell you all you need to know about who is usually telling the truth.”

During Tuesday’s hearing, a Justice Department lawyer said Eagan Avenatti had also defaulted on back taxes which the idea had agreed to pay in connection with another bankruptcy proceeding, according to the LA Times.

In which case, which was settled Jan. 30, Avenatti agreed to pay the government $2.4 million, the Times reported. At least $1.5 million of which amount has been paid, yet Avenatti missed an installment last week, the judge reportedly told the court Tuesday.

Read the full report via the Los Angeles Times.

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