Fitbit invests in Sano, diabetes tech start-up, to catch Apple

Fitbit CEO James Park confirmed the Sano deal This specific week to CNBC. The investment will be part of a larger financing round of which Sano expects to close in coming months.

“This specific fits into our strategy of looking beyond the device in addition to thinking more about (health) solutions,” said Park. “I think the complete solution comes from the form of having some monitoring solution of which will be coupled that has a display, in addition to a wearable of which can give you the interventions at the right moment,” he said.

Fitbit already has partnerships with wearable device makers Medtronic in addition to Dexcom of which involve integrating blood sugar data with its consumer hardware. Park declined to say whether a future type of Fitbit’s wearable devices will include built-in glucose tracking.

Sano’s approach isn’t noninvasive like Apple’s might be because of which involves using tiny needles.

yet Sano CEO Ashwin Pushpala said of which’s a less painful option than the current alternatives, which include Abbott’s well-liked FreeStyle Libre, because its device doesn’t penetrate as deeply into the skin. of which’s also a cheaper option of which needs to be changed more regularly, he said.

Sano’s device won’t be ready to hit the market for about a year in addition to will be likely intended for people with either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, said Pushpala. of which might also be used by those who are pre-diabetic, or simply curious about how food in addition to exercise affect their blood sugar.

Biosensor experts are still debating whether noninvasive approaches for tracking glucose, as Apple will be planning, will ever be sufficiently reliable in addition to accurate.

Pharma giants like Johnson & Johnson have unsuccessfully tried to bring This specific “holy grail” to market.

Alphabet’s Verily will be also working on hardware in addition to software diabetics. of which will be teaming with Dexcom to develop a continuous glucose monitor for people with Type 2 diabetes, in addition to of which carries a joint venture with Sanofi also targeted to people with the disease. In 2014, its own research team unveiled a prototype for a blood-sugar tracking contact lens.

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