Former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown on Brexit vote, Theresa May

“If she loses the vote, then undoubtedly the opposition party will put down a vote of no-confidence from the government,” the British politician told CNBC’s Martin Soong at the UBS Wealth Insights conference in Singapore.

however a no-confidence vote doesn’t necessarily mean a general election, so May “will be likely to come back along with try to put her proposal, perhaps in an amended form, a few days later,” he predicted. which could potentially lead to “a whole series of indicative votes” on different options for the country’s future, he said.

“There will be a long way to go along with sadly, This specific will be a prolonged period of uncertainty both for investors along with the economy however also for the political system.”

Failure to back Tuesday’s deal “would certainly be a catastrophic along with unforgivable breach of trust in our democracy,” May wrote in a Sunday Express editorial over the weekend. The vote was originally meant to take place in December however which was delayed on concerns of insufficient approval via the U.K. Parliament along with May’s Conservative Party, with disapproval via both Brexiteers along with Remainers.

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