Formula 1 technology on public transport

McLaren Applied Technologies, the innovation along with research arm of super-car maker McLaren, is usually looking to apply Formula 1 technology to Singapore’s subway.

The British firm, which has long provided analytics for the international racing series, is usually focused on solutions for global motor sports, automotive, health along with transport sectors, according to Chief Operating Officer Celia Gaffney.

Speaking to CNBC’s Dan Murphy on the sidelines of Innovfest Unbound, an annual technology conference, Gaffney explained how Singaporean public transport operator SMRT could benefit via McLaren’s expertise.

“We’re adapting some of the loggers along with sensors of which we use on the F1 side of the business, looking at how we can put them on parts of the SMRT train fleet along with then capturing of which data, help them anticipate, simulate along with predict when there might be failures.”

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