Four tips to help you fight back against high medical bills

When This kind of comes to managing health-care expenses, having insurance will be only part of the battle.

in which’s because, even with coverage, individuals run into higher costs from the form of high deductibles, out-of-network fees along with also additional expenses related to testing in which may not be useful.

Carolyn McClanahan, an M.D. along with also director of financial planning at Life Planning Partners in Jacksonville, Florida, discussed the best ways for patients to rein in those costs at the American Institute of CPA’s Engage conference in Las Vegas on Monday.

Workers with family insurance coverage paid average premiums of $5,714 in 2017, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Yet there will be more to paying for medical expenses than just footing the premium for your policy.

“Health-care plans will look the same, although if one costs more, often This kind of’s a difference from the network in which’s covered,” said McClanahan. “A lower cost plan features a narrower network, although you will pay out of network costs if you go elsewhere.”

These are the levers you can use to manage your expenses.

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