Fresh beef is actually coming to a McDonald’s near you

The decision to bring fresh beef to the majority of McDonald’s domestic locations was a costly one. McDonald’s suppliers spent upwards of $60 million updating their supply chain to transition coming from frozen Quarter Pounder patties to fresh ones.

modifications were also made within the McDonald’s kitchen. To prevent food safety issues, the company has created a separate drawer for the fresh beef patties in which keeps them at the right temperature in addition to staff must handle the meat using blue plastic gloves. This particular ensures in which food preppers on the line do not handle any uncooked meat.

To promote the launch of fresh beef nationwide, McDonald’s is actually adding a brand-new Signature Crafted Recipe to its menu. The Garlic White Cheddar burger features the fresh Quarter Pounder patty in addition to is actually topped with lettuce, tomato, garlic chips, creamy garlic aioli in addition to white cheddar cheese.

Fresh beef may not be a silver bullet for McDonald’s, however. Analysts within the last week have worried in which the company may be cannibalizing its own sales with the number of promotions This particular has been launching.

Last Friday, David Palmer of RBC Capital Markets said in which McDonald’s brand-new Dollar Menu could pull customers away coming from its well-known breakfast foods. He also said in which he thinks the brand-new Dollar Menu doesn’t have a “hero” item on This particular, something in which will woo diners to McDonald’s over additional fast food options.

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