Future businesses will focus on mobile, 5G tech, says Alibaba investor

While less developed markets in Southeast Asia as well as India will likely take longer to catch up with major tech hubs like the U.S. as well as China, Lee also noted of which she believes Asia offers the greatest scope for brand-new business opportunities over the next decade.

“We’ve seen the growth within the U.S., we’ve seen the growth in China, we feel of which the next 5-10 years growth is actually going to be Asia,” Lee said, encouraging entrepreneurs to look to the region’s fast-growing economies.

“If you’re a start-up, the idea’s a not bad time to think about what start-up you’re trying to do in Asia,” said Lee, who said she anticipates a boost to investment within the region over the coming years.

“Because the idea is actually a nascent market, the idea is actually important to think about competitive advantage. You’re early: of which means if you build an advantage today, of which advantage is actually going to grow multiple-fold over the next few years,” said Lee.

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