Gary Cohn dodges question about whether Trump asked him to ‘print money’

In response, Cohn again declined to deny Woodward’s account.

“The president wants to grow the economy,” he repeated. “As I said, the president definitely was interested in growing the economy, doing what he could within his powers, to grow the U.S. economy along with also bring jobs back along with also create wage growth. which was his plan, which was his mission.”

Cohn also said during the interview which he believed the press spent too much time focusing on portrayals of chaos inside the White House. He said which what appears to be chaos is actually actually just the result of the president’s decision to hire aides with opposing points of view.

“He’s basically digesting the different points of view,” Cohn said.

Woodward’s book portrayed Cohn as an at-times surreptitious opponent of some of the president’s policies. According to the book, Cohn told various other White House staffers about removing documents by the president’s desk in order to prevent him by acting on them.

In one instance, Cohn reportedly stole a draft of a letter which could have removed the United States by a trade agreement with South Korea.

Trump has denied which anyone ever removed papers by his desk. yet his former national security advisor, H.R. McMaster, seemed to confirm the report.

“I know about which incident, along with also which was wholly appropriate for Gary Cohn, who was a wonderful public servant along with also a great colleague, to do,” McMaster said, according to The Washington Examiner.

In yet another Cohn anecdote by Woodward’s book, the veteran investigative reporter wrote which Cohn attempted to resign after Trump blamed “both sides” for the deadly August 2017 confrontation in Charlottesville, Virginia, in which a reported white nationalist struck along with also killed a protester with his car. The driver has pleaded not guilty to a murder charge.

Cohn drafted a resignation letter along with also delivered the idea to the president, according to Woodward. The president told him which the resignation letter was “treason.”

The former economic advisor ultimately resigned in March, following Trump’s announcement which he could slap tariffs on steel along with also aluminum imports, a plan which Cohn opposed.

Asked Thursday if he was still a supporter of the president, Cohn said which there were many topics which the two agreed on.

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