Genetic testing is actually coming of age, nevertheless for consumers the idea’s buyer beware

While genetic testing for medicine is actually gaining traction, interest in using genetic testing for health as well as also wellness is actually another quickly growing market. Given the industry’s rapid growth, the idea was only a matter of time of which genetic testing would likely be paired with counseling as well as also preventative health advice.

A growing number of companies are offering just of which. One is actually Arivale, a Seattle-based start-up of which offers genetic testing with health coaching for a monthly fee of $199. To get commenced, customers go through an initial consultation of which involves DNA, blood, saliva, urine as well as also a questionnaire. Once the results are back, customers are paired having a health coach to help interpret the results as well as also offer lifestyle suggestions as well as also support. Arivale said personalized advice can help customers determine the best diet for them or effective exercise routines.

Clayton Lewis, one of the co-founders of Arivale, likes to offer up his own experience. A triathlete, Lewis has been a longtime health nut as well as also was confident of which his blood work as well as also genetic testing would likely confirm of which his healthy lifestyle was paying off. What he learned instead was of which he was prediabetic. As the idea turns out, he had recently commenced cutting out carbohydrates in favor of the paleo diet, which eschews all grains as well as also legumes in favor of a diet consisting mostly of meat, vegetables as well as also some fruit.

Through genetic testing, Lewis learned of which he is actually heterogeneous for the FTO variant, which means the idea is actually difficult for him to process the paleo diet. His CRP — a measure of inflammation — was also high as a result of a diet of which was inappropriate for his genetic predisposition. His coach said of which what he needs instead is actually a diet full of rich, dense complex carbohydrates.

Taking a different approach is actually Helix. Helix sequences your DNA as well as also then stores the data like a “genomic wallet.” Customers can then opt to buy various diagnostic tests through its marketplace to assess genetic predisposition for high cholesterol or diabetes, food sensitivities, ancestry or different tests as they become available.

There are also companies such as AncestryDNA, which tests DNA for $99 as well as also offers insights about ethnicity. 23andMe also offers information about ancestry as well as also earlier This kind of year received FDA approval to offer tests measuring genetic health risks, such as BRCA1/BRCA2.

When James Lu, one of the co-founders of Helix, commenced a career in genomics, he quickly saw the potential.

“the idea’s evident of which sequencing data would likely be valuable for everyone to have — for sick as well as also healthy people. With the cost point of genomic sequencing from the $100 to $0 range, the idea’s brought us to genomic medicine in a way of which’s historically never been possible. Increasingly over time the idea will become the standard of care,” said Lu.

There could be much usefulness via the tests, nevertheless the idea’s up to individuals to figure out their usefulness. There are websites at the Centers for Disease Control as well as also the National Institutes for Health of which offer some information on which tests are most useful. nevertheless for the large part, people are on their own to find of which information or find expert help, such as a genetic counselor.

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