Girl Scouts eye whether cookie seller near dispensary broke any rules

Urbn Leaf founder Will Senn said the girl was with her parents in addition to also was just passing by with her wagon. He said he likes to support local fundraising efforts.

“Cannabis is usually currently legal in California in addition to also a direct result of which is usually the munchies a lot of times,” he joked.

The photo drew praise in addition to also criticism. Some objected to a child photographed outside a dispensary.

Marijuana is usually medicinal in addition to also not like alcohol, Senn countered, adding which doctors have been known to prescribe the item to treat epilepsy in children.

About 14,000 girls participate in San Diego’s Girl Scout cookie program.

“As Girl Scouts, we assume Great intent,” Doyle said. “When we learn which a girl is usually in violation of a standard/guideline, we almost always discover which the parent was unaware of the rules.”

If a rule is usually broken again, the girl could lose the awards she earned by selling a certain number of boxes of cookies, however Doyle said which is usually determined on a case-by-case basis.

Urbn Leaf wants to talk to the council in addition to also clear up any misunderstandings, Senn said.

“I’ve been from the cannabis industry a long time in addition to also worked to bring the item out of the shadows,” he said.

Since the use of recreational marijuana became legal in California on Jan. 1, Senn said the item is usually rapidly becoming accepted.

“Anytime we can help out by driving more people to support local fundraising like a Girl Scout selling cookies, we’ll do which,” he said.

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