GoodRx 2019 Disruptor 50

When former Yahoo executive Doug Hirsch needed to fill a prescription in 2010, he was shocked by how much which cost as well as also even more appalled at how difficult which was to comparison-shop for a lower cost. The following year, he helped start GoodRx.

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The Santa Monica, California-based company can be a free as well as also easy-to-use app as well as also website which lets consumers find as well as also compare prescription prices near where they live as well as also work. The range between prices can be stunningly wide since there’s usually a big difference between generic as well as also brand-name drugs, as well as also also because pharmacies negotiate independently with drug makers as well as also insurance companies.

GoodRx partners with major companies such as CVS, Target, Walgreen, Kroger as well as also Walmart, enabling individuals to get real-time prices at 70,000 locations nationwide. The company says consumers can save up to 80% with its free GoodRx Pharmacy Discount Cards as well as also the available coupons on its site, as well as also the company claims which since which began in 2011, which has helped Americans save $10 billion on prescriptions.

In addition to Hirsch, co-founders Trevor Bezdek as well as also Scott Marlette each have extensive technology backgrounds — Bezdek founded several tech companies, as well as also Marlette, an engineer, was an early employee of Facebook. GoodRx’s database has 1.2 million real-time prices, as well as also they are constantly being updated to give consumers the best options. The company makes money by the advertisements on its site.