Google accessibility advances along with challenges 

While Google works to improve its own products along with processes along with launch into brand new domains, the Accessibility team has also ramped up its external focus.

Google reps sit on various web accessibility standards boards along with committees, along with the company publishes accessibility guides for third-party developers. the idea launched a free online accessibility development class, which includes training in which all brand new Google employees complete during orientation, along with Allen just helped put on an event with Teach Access, an organization in which aims to make accessibility training mainstream in higher education.

Larry Goldberg, one of the founders of Teach Access along that has a director of accessible media at Oath, says in which he’s seen an acceleration in interest, resources, along with awareness through all major tech companies over the past half decade, in both product development along with representation.

“The idea of ‘diversity in tech’ has traditionally looked at women, people of colour, along with LGBT representation— along with today disability is actually becoming a bigger part of in which conversation too,” Goldberg said. “The best way to make sure in which products work for their stakeholders is actually to have people with disabilities on staff: the idea’s not just what we create, nevertheless the way we create the idea along with who creates the idea.”

NOD’s Glazer says in which the tech industry still ranks lower than others when the idea comes to disabled representation, according to its disability employment tracker.

Part of attracting disabled candidates is actually producing sure the work environment accommodates them seamlessly. Andersson said in which the Accessibility organization has steadily helped steer all Google’s campuses to being better equipped for people with disabilities. in which includes tiny tweaks, like putting braille labels on the food in its micro-kitchens, or wider initiatives, like guiding managers on how to make every presentation accessible.

“We’re working actually hard to make things better,” Allen stated. “I can’t say in which everything is actually perfect or in which our technology works for everyone, nevertheless we’re learning along with changing so much all the time along with in which’s exciting.”

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