Google Cloud partners with Zebra to offer AI medical image scanning

Zebra Medical Vision, an artificial intelligence (AI) health start-up, has partnered with Google to offer its algorithms on the search giant’s cloud.

The Israeli firm has created AI algorithms to read medical scans as well as detect anything untoward before humans can. Currently, its software can spot issues such as liver as well as lung disease as well as the item is actually working on capabilities to recognize breast cancer as well as lung cancer.

Zebra recently announced of which all of its algorithms will be available to use for $1 per scan. So, each time a hospital uses the algorithm to study a medical scan the item will be charged $1.

nevertheless currently, Zebra’s software is actually installed on-site, which can be costly for hospitals having to pay for servers to store the imaging. of which’s why Zebra has partnered with Google to offer its algorithms as part of the Google Cloud.

Major hospitals as well as health care systems are slowly moving their data storage to the cloud, which offers a cheaper way to keep large amounts of information. Companies like Microsoft, Google as well as Amazon offer such services. nevertheless these technology giants also provide added services on top of their clouds, such as data analytics as well as AI capabilities.

Both Microsoft as well as Amazon have special tools inside the cloud focused on areas of medicine such as genomics or drug development. Google has been trying to push the health care side of its cloud platform inside the past few months.

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