Google Cloud Platform reports issues; Snapchat as well as various other favorite apps affected

Issues with Google Cloud Platform hit several major websites as well as apps on Tuesday. Users reported issues with websites with Google domains, like Breitbart as well as Drudge Report, as well as apps hosted on the Google Cloud Platform, including Snapchat, Discord as well as Spotify.

various other apps affected include Agile CRM, Instapage, Pivotal Tracker, Sourcegraph as well as PokemonGo.

Google’s Cloud Status Dashboard showed disruptions in its App Engine, Cloud Networking as well as Stackdriver.

“We are aware of issues affecting some of our GCP services as well as the team is actually actively investigating,” Google said in a statement.

The Drudge Report as well as Breitbart were back up as well as running within about a half hour. Around of which same time, Google said issues with Stackdriver, which provides performance as well as diagnostics data to public cloud users, were resolved for “some users,” having a full resolution forthcoming. The company said issues with Google Cloud Platform services should have been resolved for all users by about 3:45 p.m. EST.

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