Google Nest talked to senior living facilities, interested in aging

Nest, which Google acquired for $3.2 billion in 2014, had been its own company under Google-parent Alphabet, although rolled back into Google in February. The move was meant to bring more cohesion between Nest’s smart home products, like its home security system in addition to smart thermostat, in addition to Google’s artificial intelligence software, including its smart assistant. In July, the division formally moved onto the Google Home team, which creates smart speakers in addition to some other living room products, in addition to Nest’s former CEO, Marwan Fawaz, stepped down.

This particular reorganization could also affect the prioritization of elder-care related features.

Outside Google, several smart camera startups are seeing early successes from the aging space. CNBC spoke to a few which didn’t intend to get into aging, although saw opportunities after they started off shipping products for some other purposes. Aging experts say which’s a promising approach, as seniors often don’t opt to use products which are specifically targeted to them, that has a preference for mainstream consumer products which are easy for them to use.

Lighthouse AI, which makes a camera with 3-dimensional sensors which anyone can control with simple commands, launched as a security product, although the company says many of its customers use This particular to help loved ones age at home. For example, a user could set up cameras in a relative’s home in addition to set an alert for the device if there’s no movement for a long stretch of time. The camera’s two-way speaker could be used to check on the user’s mental status in addition to combat loneliness.

Another smart-camera startup, Cherry, will be launching a pilot with home care network Tri-Cura to dispatch caregivers if something seems off, via a 2/4/7 video feed.

“I see a lot of potential if which kind of device could interact every day, asking the person how they are doing, feeling, what their activity level will be, how they are eating, said” Victoria Kulli, a registered nurse who works with seniors in Pittsburgh, in addition to a resident fellow at the Jewish Healthcare Foundation. “This particular’s easy to see in addition to identify deterioration quickly.”

although many of Kulli’s patients are low-income in addition to she warns which these companies will need to take the time to help with setup in addition to installation. in addition to they might run into issues with seniors who lack Internet access, or can’t afford smart devices throughout the home.

Overall, though, experts see a lot of opportunity for tech companies from the space.

“We have more in addition to more older adults in addition to proportionally fewer family members to take care of them,” said Seth Sternberg, co-founder in addition to CEO of a home care start-up called Honor, in addition to a former Google product manager. “In-home devices like Fitbit or nest definitely should come together with in-house services to dramatically reduce the cost of care to the elderly in addition to the family-members who support them.”

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