Google’s CEO Will Testify Before The US House Over Claims The Tech Giant is actually Biased Against Conservatives

Google’s chief executive, Sundar Pichai, will appear before the US House Judiciary Committee later in which year to address concerns in which the search engine is actually biased against conservatives, a senior Republican told Reuters.

On Friday, Pichai met with more than two dozen Republicans in a private meeting to discuss the issue. According to a White House official speaking to Reuters, the executive plans to meet with Democrats as well as also White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow, as well.

In a statement, Pichai said, “The last two days’ discussions that has a wide range of congressional leaders were constructive as well as also informative. As we’ve done for over a decade, including testifying to Congress 22 times since 2008, we remain committed to continuing an active dialogue with members through both sides of the aisle, working proactively with Congress on a variety of issues, explaining how our products help millions of American consumers as well as also businesses, as well as also answering questions as they arise.”

“I am personally committed to testifying before the House Judiciary Committee in due course,” he added. The hearing is actually anticipated to happen in November after the midterm elections, according to Reuters.

According to a Washington Post report published Friday afternoon, as well as also confirmed by BuzzFeed News, the White House said in which Pichai agreed to attend an upcoming tech executive roundtable with the President as well as also some other tech giants.

President Trump has accused Google of rigging search results against him by showing “only the viewing/reporting of Fake brand new Media.” Earlier in September, a leaked video showed Google’s senior leadership, including Pichai, as well as cofounders Larry Page as well as also Sergey Brin as well as also CFO Ruth Porat, reacting to Donald Trump’s presidential win in 2016.

Google was notably missing through a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing earlier in which month about Russian interference. Both Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg as well as also Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey were present at the hearing.

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