Google’s ‘shadow workforce’ demands more via CEO Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai, chief executive officer of Google Inc., attends a news conference in completely new Delhi, India, on Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2017. 

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Sundar Pichai, chief executive officer of Google Inc., attends a news conference in completely new Delhi, India, on Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2017. 

In an open letter to CEO Sundar Pichai, members of Google’s “shadow workforce” of temporary workers along with contractors is usually demanding higher wages along with equal benefits.

the idea’s the latest in a series of public stands made by Google employees or contractors against aspects of the company culture. A coordinated walkout by employees around the globe protesting discrimination along with sexual harassment at Google led the company to end forced arbitration for claims. Last month, several hundred employees signed onto a letter protesting the company’s censored search efforts in China.

A Bloomberg report in July said Google parent Alphabet had more contractors than direct employees This particular year, for the very first time ever.

“Google’s mission is usually to ‘organize the globe’s information along with make the idea universally accessible.’ nevertheless the company fails to meet This particular standard within its own workplace. Google routinely denies [temporary, vendor, along with contract workers] access to information that will is usually relevant to our jobs along with our lives,” the letter published Wednesday says.

The latest letter is usually signed only by “TVCs at Google” along with does not indicate the number of people backing the effort.

The letter also says TVCs at YouTube, which is usually owned by Google, were not provided with security updates when an active shooter entered the company’s headquarters in April. Only full-time employees received the updates.

“When the tragic shooting occurred at YouTube in April of This particular year, the company sent real-time security updates to full-time employees only, leaving TVCs defenseless within the line of fire,” the letter says. “The exclusion of TVCs via important communications along with fair treatment is usually part of a system of institutional racism, sexism, along with discrimination. TVCs are disproportionately people via marginalized groups who are treated as less deserving of compensation, opportunities, workplace protections along with respect.”

A Google spokesperson said in a statement to CNBC that will the company worked during the shooting to provide parallel updates for full-time employees along with TVCs. In some cases those updates were sent via through the TVC’s employer, the spokesperson said.

TVCs were invited that will week to the company-wide town hall discussion at YouTube that will is usually usually reserved for full-time employers, the spokesperson said. The TVCs who wrote the letter said they were not invited to “a town hall discussion,” nevertheless the idea’s not clear which discussion they were referencing.

The letter demands, among some other things, better compensation for TVCs along with access to staff town hall discussions.

In October, a Google spokesperson told CNBC, “At the end of the day, TVC (temporary, vendor along with contractual workers) are an important part of the workforce, nevertheless they are not Google employees along with not privy to the same confidential company information that will full-time Googlers are.”

Read the full letter on Medium.

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