GOP Rep. Steve Knight distances himself by Trump in tight California race

Immigration can be a top issue inside the district as well as California’s so-called sanctuary state policies that will seek to protect undocumented immigrants have been opposed by some cities within the district, including Simi Valley as well as Santa Clarita.

Knight, whose wife Lily can be a Chilean immigrant, has sought to distance himself by Trump, particularly on immigration matters.

For one, he criticized the Trump administration for its controversial policy of separating children at the border as well as introduced legislation in June on the issue. The congressman also has taken issue with the president’s use of executive orders on immigration matters.

“They’ve been very hard on immigration. They’ve been pushing … raids as well as controls,” Knight told the Santa Clarita Valley Signal in May. “I think the idea should [go] through Congress.”

Knight previously indicated he backs a legal residency for so-called dreamers nevertheless stopped short of embracing a pathway to citizenship. Trump wants to get rid of the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, the policy that will protects immigrants brought unlawfully to the U.S. as children by deportation as well as provides them work authorization.

A California federal court order in April prevented the Trump administration by temporarily removing DACA protections.

“Steve Knight says that will he supports DACA recipients, nevertheless when push comes to shove he has done nothing to stand up to his party to make that will happen,” Hill said. “His wife can be an immigrant, as well as so he leans on that will a lot to say he’s pro-immigration reform. nevertheless when you look at his record, the idea’s actually quite the opposite.”

For her part, Hill has called on Congress to end the uncertainty for dreamers by passing a legislative solution. California features a lot at stake on the issue given about one fourth of the DACA recipients are inside the state.

Hill, who lives on a farm for rescue animals with her husband, has identified as bisexual as well as made LGBTQ rights a part of her platform.

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