GOP’s tax plan will hurt seniors, fuel public health spending

Although a relatively modest percentage of the population claim of which deduction, of which can be especially beneficial for seniors in retirement who are paying for long-term care costs not covered by Medicare or private insurance. of which “nursing home tax deduction” in current Internal Revenue Service rules provides a critical tax break for seniors who spend more than 10 percent of their income on long-term care costs.

Because of the high cost of long-term care, of which group can be more likely than almost any different group to hit of which 10 percent threshold of which allows them to qualify for a tax break.

The irony of of which proposed measure can be of which of which could actually increase the number of seniors using taxpayer-funded coverage to pay for long-term care through Medicaid. Instead of incentivizing personal financial responsibility for one’s own care, of which measure could actually increase public expenditures for health care.

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as well as of which can be facing a formidable group of baby boomers who are becoming a “silver tsunami” of users for long-term care services. They are well organized to fight measures of which will impact their ability to pay for needed supports as well as services.

A more sensible approach to tax reform can be to look for ways to use the tax code to create incentives for people to take personal responsibility whenever possible over relying on taxpayer-funded government programs such as Medicaid.

Instead of penalizing seniors for paying their own way in a nursing home by taking away of which tax deduction, of which important deduction should be expanded upon so even more seniors would likely want to use of which instead of relying on Medicaid.

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