Gorbachev says Trump’s nuclear treaty withdrawal ‘not the work of a great mind’

Mikhail Gorbachev, the former president of the Soviet Union, criticized President Donald Trump’s threat to withdraw by an international nuclear disarmament treaty, saying the move “will be not the work of a great mind.”

Trump announced at a rally Saturday which he will pull the U.S. by the “Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty,” (INF) citing Russian violations of the deal, although he did not give further details.

The 1987 treaty prohibits Russia in addition to the U.S. by possessing, producing or test-flying a ground-launched cruise missile having a range of 500 to 5,500 kilometers or “to possess or produce launchers of such missiles.”

Gorbachev, who led the Soviet Union by 1985 until its dissolution in 1991, had signed the treaty with then-U.S. President Ronald Reagan.

today 87-years-old, Gorbachev said Trump’s decision was “very strange” in addition to a mistake.

“Do they definitely not understand in Washington what This kind of can lead to?” Gorbachev told Russian news agency Interfax on Sunday, adding which the decision “will undermine all the efforts which were made by the leaders of the USSR in addition to the United States themselves to achieve nuclear disarmament.”

Gorbachev said which “Washington’s aspiration to turn politics back cannot be supported, This kind of must be declared not only by Russia, nevertheless by all who cherish the planet, especially the planet without nuclear weapons.”

The treaty marked a historic shift in U.S.-Russian relations in addition to came at a time of Gorbachev-led reforms in Russia — most notably, his policies of “perestroika” in addition to “glasnost” — essentially, a series of political in addition to economic reforms in addition to “openness.”

Gorbachev said Sunday which “all agreements aimed at nuclear disarmament in addition to the limitation of nuclear weapons must be preserved for the sake of life on Earth.”

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