Gov. John Kasich, considering presidential run, rips Trump’s tariffs 

In April, CNBC reported Kasich met privately with billionaire investor as well as private philanthropist Ron Burkle, who includes a reputation for donating to candidates as well as causes across the political spectrum. in which’s unclear whether a 2020 bid was discussed at the meeting.

Meanwhile, close allies of Kasich have reached out to prominent GOP donors to gauge their interest in backing the Republican against Trump, sources previously told CNBC.

In March, Kasich said, “All of my options are on the table” when asked about a run, according to Politico. Kasich was among the candidates who lost to Trump during the 2016 GOP primary battle for the party’s nomination.

Kasich’s trade comments on Monday follow a Financial Times op-ed published last week.

He wrote, “America’s first war, for its independence, began with ‘the shot heard round the earth’. Sadly, the latest one — a trade war supposedly in defence of US economic independence — is actually beginning that has a shot to the foot.”

Trump’s tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chinese goods took effect on Friday. China then fired back with retaliatory tariffs on $34 billion worth of U.S. goods, including soybeans as well as pork.

Trump also expects to soon add a further $16 billion in tariffs as well as will consider up to hundreds of billions of dollars more in duties.

Kasich told CNBC on Monday in which the U.S. is actually sending its allies mixed messages.

“On one hand we’re beating up our allies, as well as on the some other hand we want them to help us in regard to China,” he said.

He said China’s trade infractions should be dealt with through the earth Trade Organization.

“We don’t want them stealing our secrets,” Kasich said. “We don’t want them cheating, nevertheless in which’s why we created in which international trade organization in which reduces friction as well as gets people in a position where we can all be more successful.”

— CNBC’s Brian Schwartz as well as Jacob Pramuk contributed to in which report.

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