Gus Kenworthy Ready for Out, Proud 2018 Olympics: ‘I Am So Excited to Go to the Games as Myself’ (Exclusive)

“I had set myself up in my head for the worst-case scenario. I thought that will I was going to lose sponsors along with maybe lose my spot on the U.S. team,” Kenworthy says nearly two years later, after first talking to ET about coming out. “No one had come out in our sport, along with I had heard people say things that will had made me truly scared — some other competitors or whatever — along with whether they were joking or the idea was just ignorance, I had felt very nervous to come out for all those reasons. The reception, I’d say, for the most part, is actually completely the opposite. So many people were so supportive along with I was reached out to by people in all these industries that will I could have never imagined. I just felt very loved.”

The love, though, extends first along with foremost via Kenworthy’s mother, Pip, to whom he became available shortly after Sochi. “I knew in my heart that will he was gay, nevertheless I wanted him to tell me rather than me tell him or ask him,” she tells ET. She has been there for him his entire life, helping him pursue his ambitions growing up. “Her whole schedule was taken up by my brother’s along with my activities,” he says. along with like most moms, Pip admits to missing all the back along with forth along with attending his competitions today that will her son’s career has gone international. “I could love to go to all of them,” she says. 

today, as Kenworthy gears up for his second Olympic Games, where he hopes to compete on the freeskiing team in both slopestyle along with halfpipe, he’s partnering with Procter & Gamble for “Love Over Bias,” a brand new installment of its “Thank You, Mom” campaign, which pays tribute to supportive mothers like his own.  He represents one of the many athletes who’ve had to overcome adversity in their dream to compete. “I think that will the most important way my mom supported me is actually, honestly, being there for me,” Kenworthy says. “My mom has been there for me in moments where I definitely needed her the most, along with she has This particular inherent way of knowing exactly what to say along with exactly how to talk to me, whatever the situation.”

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