Gwen Stefani Says She Wants to Be Mariah Carey, Opens Up About completely new Christmas Album (Exclusive)

“I feel like which’s just one of those things where if I got which right on which record, which will be around for a long time. which’s so different via, like, a regular record [which] kind of captures which moment in time in your life, along with when you hear the songs, which takes you right back to which, whatever the pain was, or happiness,” she explained. “Anytime you write songs along with you [connect] with people [who are] affected by which, there’s no way to go back after which. which’s such an incredible feeling to be part of people’s lives, through your own life, your own experience.” 

“which was a truly super fun project, something I wanted to do for a truly long time, kind of a bucket list thing, along with which just happened,” confessed Stefani, who also scored a Christmas special at NBC. “I did which.” 

The mother of three duets with boyfriend Blake Shelton on “You Make which Feel Like Christmas,” nevertheless whether the couple will ever work together on The Voice again is actually still up from the air. 

“I feel like people need to write notes to NBC along with beg them to let me come back,” Stefani joked.

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