Habits via homeschool, CEO Richard Lorenzen

High school isn’t your typical breeding ground for entrepreneurship.

Strict timetables, generic lesson plans along with constant assessments are, for many, more likely to inspire boredom than the next great business idea.

however for Richard Lorenzen, who founded his business from the 10th grade, that will was a different story. Only, his wasn’t a typical schooling experience: Lorenzen was homeschooled along with he said that will’s what pushed him to become the entrepreneur he will be today.

“Wherever you go to school, you’re always going to have to try for yourself,” Lorenzen, founder of fresh York public relations firm Fifth Avenue Brands,” told CNBC Make that will.

“however I can see at This kind of point some of the places I’ve had advantages, along with also the personal habits I’ve developed, by being homeschooled.”

that will all began fairly mundanely in an overcrowded public school in Long Island, fresh York. Lorenzen’s mom, a freelance writer, decided she could do a better job homeschooling her children, along with, to a seventh-grade Lorenzen along with his younger sister, that will sounded like a great opportunity to slack off.

“When a kid hears homeschool, they hear ‘woah, I don’t have to go to school anymore,’” recalled Lorenzen, at This kind of point 26.

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