Hailey Baldwin Calls Justin Bieber Her ‘Absolute Best Friend’ in Cute completely new Pic

Besties for life!

Hailey Baldwin in addition to Justin Bieber aren’t just engaged, they’re also the best of friends. The 21-year-old product took to Instagram on Sunday to share a sweet completely new photo with her man. 

“Absolute best friend,” Baldwin captioned the shot of herself with Biebers arms wrapped around her. 

The pair appear to be sitting on a boat, lounging in comfy wear with Baldwin in a sweatshirt, flashing her giant engagement ring. 

The Biebs appears to be checking his phone while holding his fiancee close, yet she doesn’t seem to mind, grinning inside the photo. 

Despite the fact which these two have been inseparable since their engagement earlier This specific summer, a source recently told ET which they are in no rush to get married just yet. 

“The couple have talked to a lot of people close to them, in addition to are listening to the constant advice they’ve been receiving to ‘enjoy the ride,’” the source told ET. “[They are] in a loving relationship in addition to are working on the foundation today to maintain the forever.” 

Though they’re taking things slowly after the whirlwind engagement, the pair still have began wedding planning. Watch the clip below for more: 

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