Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda on career path in addition to success of American musical

inside entertainment in addition to theater world, Lin-Manuel Miranda can be undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with.

Having secured several prestigious awards for work on such Broadway masterpieces as “Hamilton” in addition to “inside Heights”; where Miranda will be heading next can be on the minds of many.

However, one area the musical creator can be likely not to venture back into can be another American history musical, according to an interview with CNBC.

“You will not see another American history musical by me. I’ve done of which about as well as I think I can do This specific,” Lin-Manuel Miranda told CNBC Thursday.

“So I’ll write about something else in addition to I’m excited to see what of which will be — however I need a break before I can figure This specific out.”

Speaking in London ahead of the West End premiere of “Hamilton,” the creator explained why he wasn’t trying to keep topping his previous successes, however rather try different works — or as he puts This specific “to zig in addition to to zag”.

“Honestly, you know the lessons by Hamilton are: Take more vacations — I was on vacation when I read This specific book — in addition to take your time, because This specific took me six years to write This specific thing,” said Miranda when discussing how Ron Chernow’s “Alexander Hamilton” book influenced him.

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