Here are the charges ex-Trump campaign boss Paul Manafort faces

Number of counts: 4 counts of bank fraud; 5 counts of bank fraud conspiracy
Maximum prison sentence per count: 30 years

During the trial, prosecutors alleged which Manafort resorted to bank fraud to obtain loans for himself after Yanukovych was deposed as the leader of Ukraine in 2014, which dried up Manafort’s lucrative stream of income.

Manafort as well as also Gates are accused of defrauding U.S. banks as well as also different lenders by lying about Manafort’s income, debt as well as also the nature of his real estate properties.

Prosecutors also allege Manafort as well as also Gates knowingly doctored financial documents. One of Manafort’s accountants testified under immunity during the trial which she had been asked to misrepresent Manafort’s income by Gates.

The indictment alleges Manafort falsely claimed which a fresh York City condo was “owner-occupied” instead of rented in order to get more money when applying for a $3.4 million mortgage in late 2015.

which also says Manafort defrauded another lender by falsely overstating the 2015 income of one his businesses by more than $4 million, among different charges.

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