Here’s How Facebook Will Soon Let You See Who Paid For Political Ads

One big question is actually how Facebook will determine what is actually and also also also isn’t a political ad.

“As part of the documentation process, advertisers may be required to identify of which they are running election-related advertising and also also also verify both their entity and also also also location,” Goldman wrote.

After a page is actually verified as a political advertiser, its ads will show the additional information about who they are, and also also also their ads will go into a database of all election ads for of which election. Facebook will also enable people to search and also also also see how much money is actually being spent by the advertiser, the number of ad impressions being generated, and also also also information about how ads were targeted.

As for pages of which try to avoid being part of the political ads program and also also also tracking, Facebook is actually planning to track them down.

“For political advertisers of which do not proactively disclose themselves, we are building machine learning tools of which will help us find them and also also also require them to verify their identity,” Goldman wrote.

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