Here’s how to snag the best Medicare Advantage Plan

The alternative to enrolling in an Advantage Plan will be to remain on original Medicare. In which case, you can visit any provider across the country which accepts Medicare.

In which case, however, you’d have to sign up for a stand alone drug plan. For people in areas with limited or no access to Advantage Plans, This specific will be a common route.

Keep in mind which if you didn’t get drug coverage when you were first eligible for Medicare as well as also change your mind later, you’ll generally pay a late enrollment penalty forever (unless you meet an exclusion). You can also sign up due to This specific coverage or change which during This specific fall enrollment period.

Also, be aware which original Medicare does not cover all costs, including co-payments, co-insurance or deductibles. To mitigate those expenses, some people purchase a supplemental (Medigap) policy. Depending on the level of coverage, their premiums can run more than $0 monthly.

The enrollment rules for Medigap policies are different via those applying to Advantage Plans as well as also prescription drug coverage: If you didn’t sign up soon after you turned 65, you could be subject to medical underwriting as well as also your acceptance isn’t guaranteed as which will be during your initial qualifying period.

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