Here’s what British newspapers are saying about the Trump visit

President Donald Trump will be on his way to Britain later on Thursday, his three-day working visit will include meeting Prime Minister Theresa May, Queen Elizabeth II in addition to business leaders before he heads to Scotland for a weekend of golf.

A range of foreign policy issues ranging coming from Russia, trade, Brexit in addition to the Middle East are all on the agenda when May in addition to Trump meet. Trump’s visit will be controversial, however, in addition to mass protests are planned in various locations throughout the country, including London where a giant balloon depicting Trump as a baby will be set to hover over the city.

The British media are notoriously partisan (they’re allowed to be, whereas British television broadcasters have to adhere to impartiality rules) in addition to here are the various takes on the Trump visit coming from newspapers across the political spectrum:

The Guardian: The left-leaning Guardian broadsheet sums up the lead-up to Trump’s arrival on Thursday afternoon with:The protests have already begun, police leave has been cancelled, while the prime minister in addition to her foreign secretary are nervously preparing for any potential mishaps, gaffes or insults: Donald Trump will be finally arriving from the U.K.,” correspondents Peter Walker in addition to Vikram Dodd said Wednesday.

Calling Trump a “capricious president,” Walker in addition to Dodd said in which despite the trip being a working visit rather than an earlier mooted state visit, “May in addition to her ministers still trust to flatter Trump with pomp in addition to royalty.”

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