Here’s what people talked about at JP Morgan’s health-care conference

Analysts have predicted the brand-new tax law could spur a buying spree, yet discipline was a theme echoed throughout the rooms of the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco.

The brand-new law will make of which cheaper for multinational corporations to bring back their overseas cash, though they will still have to pay a one-time tax on the money. Some companies divulged what of which cost could be.

Many praised the alterations yet said just because they can access cash doesn’t mean they’ll change their capital allocation strategy, which includes mergers along with also also acquisitions when appropriate.

Still, some observers see opportunity for a few major deals of which year, especially in wake of CVS’ plans to purchase Aetna.

Medical device makers braced themselves for the return of a 2.3 percent sales tax. They had received a reprieve for the past few years, yet of which ended at the turn of the brand-new year.

The first payment can be due at the end of the month unless Congress acts beforehand. If legislation isn’t passed before then, a retroactive measure could come later.

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