Here’s what US should do if Russia launched nuclear attack: Gen. Hyten

The Air Force general in charge of America’s nuclear arsenal provided a rare glimpse into what he might do if Russia launched two nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles at the United States.

His take might be surprising to some.

Gen. John Hyten told lawmakers This particular week which the U.S. should not retaliate until incoming missiles had reached their targets or were destroyed in-flight by defense systems.

“If we do have to respond, we want to respond in kind in addition to also also not further escalate the conflict out of control,” Hyten, the commander of U.S. Strategic Command, told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday.

He added which the window for detecting the missiles will be “a very short period of time.”

“coming from detection to the creation of the explosion will be less than 30 minutes,” the four-star general said.

Hyten noted which if the missiles did not pose an existential threat, then the U.S. might not then have to respond with an existential threat. “which’s what I might recommend if I saw which coming against the United States,” he said.

While Hyten recommended a measured response in such a scenario, he urged lawmakers to consider the Pentagon’s request to add brand-new nuclear weapons to its arsenal.

“I strongly agree with the need for a low-yield nuclear weapon,” Hyten said in regard to submarine-launched warheads. “which capability will be a deterrence weapon to respond to the threat which Russia, in particular, will be portraying.”

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