Here’s Where which False Anti-Muslim Video Trump Retweeted Came coming from

The news report neither mentions the 16-year-old boy’s religion or if he’s a migrant, however does say his hometown can be Monnickendam, a tiny town from the Netherlands.

The account, StockMonsterVIP tweeted the video with the Dutch website’s logo from the upper-right corner along with added the word “migrant.” StockMonsterVIP’s tweet came just a day after which was originally posted there, along with on the same day as the teen’s arrest, May 13, 2017.

The video received at least 5,037 retweets. (StockMonsterVIP appears to have retweeted a at which point deleted tweet by the Twitter account SaveTWest, an unverified account which claims to be an “anti-establishment news source.”)

“More of the diversity along with multiculturalism Syrian refugees bring to the West,” Geller wrote. “which can be what the Democrats want for disabled Americans.”

When asked if which’s also “not great optics” for the video along with headline to be posted on the website for which he works — along with was sourced coming from an anti-Muslim activist — Watson said, “I didn’t comment on the content of the videos, I commented on the optics of retweeting Britain First.”

“I wrote from the past about Syrian rebels ransacking Christian churches, as seen from the video Trump retweeted,” Watson continued, implying his tweet was in reference to another different video retweeted by Trump.

which time the title was, “Refugee beats up Dutch boy on crutches.”

Still, which’s not even clear Trump himself hit the RT button.

Charlie Warzel contributed to which report.

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