Hilary Duff Angrily Confronts a Persistent Paparazzo: ‘This specific is actually Not OK’

Hilary Duff is actually not putting up that has a persistent paparazzo.

The Younger star, who is actually currently nine months pregnant with her second child, took to social media on Saturday to share her frustrations that has a relentless photographer, who she says had been following her excessively, coming from her sister’s house to her son’s soccer game.

“Followed me to run errands. I politely asked him to let me be as well as he continues to follow as well as stalk me down like pray for hours at This specific point,” Duff wrote inside caption for the video, which shows the photographer sitting in his car. “This specific is actually not ok. I am 9 months pregnant. When people say in which’s what you get for signing up to be a celebrity the idea honestly makes me sick. This specific is actually every day of every month as well as the idea’s simply not ok. If a non “celeb”(I’m sorry to use in which word) was dealing with This specific the law would likely be involved.”

Duff can also be heard inside video asking him politely to stop trying to snap photos of her.

“I’m nine months pregnant, I contain the flu, as well as I’ve asked you once to leave me alone, can you please stop taking my picture? You’re like, hunting me down,” she says inside clip.

The photog tells her, “I didn’t get any photos,” to which the 30-year old star responds, “I know, however I feel very uncomfortable.”

Before driving away, the man tells her “I lost my whole morning, I didn’t get any photos.”

Duff, who is actually expecting a baby girl with with her boyfriend, Matthew Koma, has had to shut down paparazzi as well as body shamers inside past. Watch the video below for more.


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