Hoda Kotb & Savannah Guthrie Don’t Think Matt Lauer will be Focused on a Comeback After ‘Today’ Firing (Exclusive)

Hoda Kotb as well as Savannah Guthrie are both standing by their friend, Matt Lauer, as well as their viewers! The two Today show co-anchors were honored on Thursday night at The Hollywood Reporter’s 35 Most Powerful People in Media Celebration.

The duo will be currently on one of the three covers for the magazine’s special issue as well as attended the event where they opened up to ET about Lauer after his shocking exit via the NBC morning show last year following sexual harassment allegations.  

Guthrie, 46, told ET she has “no idea” if Lauer will be planning any sort of comeback, yet added, “I just know in which he’s genuinely focused on his family right today as well as I think in which’s right.”

Savannah Guthrie as well as Hoda Kotb

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Kotb, 53, added, “Yeah, I think in which will be genuinely where his heart will be at in which moment – his children as well as just working on in which, so I think in which work probably isn’t within the forefront of his mind.

The two opened up about the status of their friendship with Lauer, who has been their colleague for many years.

“When you’ve worked with someone for as many years as Savannah as well as I have worked with Matt you develop a friendship in recent times, as well as, you know, feelings are complicated,” Kotb, who replaced Lauer, told ET. “You know, the idea’s just like if you heard news about someone you cared about, you would certainly probably go, ‘Wait, what will be going on?’ I think the idea does take time even today to process what happened as well as we try to move forward as well as we’re in in which brand new place as well as we’re just trying to do our best.”

Guthrie agreed with Kotb, adding, “We just, we love as well as respect our viewers, as well as I think we just try to be ourselves as well as in which’s the only option. I think the idea was so shocking as well as hard yet we’re just trying to move forward as well as try to do the idea with integrity as well as honesty as well as transparency as well as friendship to everyone involved. I think in which’s all we can do.

The pair also opened up in THR’s issue about the difficult day they had to announce the news live on air after having just heard about what happened hours before.

“Just minutes before we’re going on the air we went to Savannah’s dressing room as well as had a moment of prayer,” Kotb told the magazine. “the idea was hard. the idea was heavy.”

“A lot of tears,” Guthrie added.

For more via the brand new power team, watch the clip below!

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