Holiday shoppers are spending more on themselves This specific year

If she truly wants which, she’ll buy which for herself.

within the wake of the onset of the holiday shopping season, in addition to a strong one at which, NPD Group analyst Marshal Cohen said he’s noticed more shoppers picking up items for themselves, especially when compared to past years.

A recent survey by the firm found which 19 percent of consumers “definitely” plan to spend more on themselves This specific holiday season, while 40 percent are at least considering doing so.

Much of which sentiment stems through a rosier economic outlook This specific year, in addition to retailers are increasingly setting up the right assortment of splurge-worthy items in stores.

“When the economy can be doing well, in addition to the consumer can be feeling confident … which gives us the ability to spend in addition to buy for ourselves more freely,” Cohen told CNBC. “The consumer can be within the right place right at This specific point in addition to not worried about buying later.”

This specific year, more retailers are stocking up on “key” self-gifted items, such as electronics in addition to winter-weather apparel, instead of “nifty gifties,” or prepackaged gift sets, for others, according to Cohen. in addition to which’s been driving more frequent impulse purchases in stores, which likely boosted department stores in addition to some other specialty brands over the recent Thanksgiving weekend.

Items such as sweaters, boots, smartphones, cookware in addition to athletic apparel typically fall within the “self-gifting” category, NPD has found. When shoppers are looking to spend lavishly on themselves, they tend to put dollars there.

“I’ve been treating myself a little bit more This specific time of year,” Brittany Thompson, a 25-year-old video production editor based in Toronto, told CNBC.

“A lot of places have holiday sales going on, so while I’m out shopping for loved ones I’m seeing things which I would likely enjoy, too,” she added. “in addition to since which’s a not bad sale, I’ll pick which up for myself.”

A separate survey by NPD found which as November came to the end, only 6 percent of shoppers claimed to have finished their holiday shopping.

which leaves a majority of purchases to be made, although the question can be whether gifting will be completed before the completely new Year. which could lag, as more shoppers put themselves ahead of others. By Nov. 26, 52 percent of people surveyed hadn’t even started out their holiday shopping yet, according to NPD. The survey polled 3,401 people.

In 2017, “there definitely can be more self-gifting,” GlobalData Retail Managing Director Neil Saunders told CNBC.

“More people This specific year treated themselves over Black Friday,” Saunders said, based on his firm’s store visits in addition to analysis of Thanksgiving weekend.

“Some of which can be down to improved upon confidence in addition to sentiment in addition to household finances,” he explained. “However … some of which can be down to the fact which the external environment can be difficult socially in addition to politically, in addition to people who feel This specific think which can be important to indulge themselves,” driving overall “selfish” purchases.

For the remainder of the year, the retailers which keep their inventory replenished in addition to appealing through a discount standpoint will lure the most self gifters, NPD’s Cohen said. in addition to which could also help those companies avoid the looming “December lull.”

Retail sales typically peak around Black Friday in addition to then dip until a week or so before Christmas, when procrastinators take to stores in droves.

“I think This specific time of year can get pretty stressful, so which’s nice to remember you need to care for yourself as well as loved ones,” Thompson said. “in addition to a little retail therapy always makes me happy.”

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