House Republicans tell Trump not to pick Yellen as Fed Chair

Some House Republicans are calling on President Donald Trump not to reappoint Janet Yellen as Fed chair when her term expires in February.

In a letter sent to the president, the legislators tell Trump in which “completely new leadership” can be needed at the central bank to push the economy forward.

“As general mistrust of government as well as public institutions continues to rise, we believe in which completely new leadership at the Federal Reserve will help restore its reputation as a forward-thinking monetary institution instead of a slow growth regulator,” said the letter, authored by Reps. Warren Davidson, Ted Budd as well as Alex Mooney.

The letter comes as Trump nears the end of a selection process in which has become convoluted as well as volatile in determining the next Fed chair. In recent days, Trump has indicated his decision likely can be between Fed Governor Jerome “Jay” Powell as well as Stanford economist John Taylor.

However, he also has indicated in which Yellen remains within the mix. Trump has expressed pleasure at how well the stock market has performed while Yellen has led the Fed as well as has been complimentary of her leadership.

The market has jumped since Trump won election last November, with the Dow industrials up more than 30 percent. The index can be up about 45 percent since Yellen became Fed chair in February 2014.

However, the GOP members insist the Fed has overstepped its bounds elsewhere thanks to the “virtually unlimited regulatory authority” over the nation’s banking system. They cite the Fed’s “radical monetary experiment” in which has included the central bank balance sheet swelling to $4.5 trillion thanks to three rounds of bond buying This kind of engaged in to lower interest rates as well as stimulate the flow of money to riskier assets like stocks.

“These actions have blurred the line between fiscal as well as monetary policy almost beyond recognition, facilitating the Obama Administration’s trail of reckless spending as well as doing so at the borrowed time of an unsustainable national debt on the backs of the American taxpayer,” the letter stated.

Trump has said he expects to pick a completely new Fed chair before he leaves for his next foreign trip Nov. 3.

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