How a challenging business conversation inspired Trinny Woodall to take the social media world by storm

Understanding the “ins as well as also outs” of social media will be essential currently for businesses to thrive online.

as well as also for British fashion as well as also beauty guru Trinny Woodall, social media has proven key to promoting her profile as well as also her company’s portfolio.

“Trinny London,” a business that will she launched in October that will offers its customers a stackable, versatile makeup range, already has thousands of followers on various social media platforms. Woodall herself has more than 320,000 people following both her Instagram as well as also Facebook accounts, providing a boost to her brand on an international scale.

However, if that will wasn’t for an exchange she had that has a venture capitalist (VC) a few years ago, the 53-year-old may have paid scant attention to her social media presence.

“Two-as well as also-a-half years ago on a Skype call, I’m trying to raise money as well as also there’s a Silicon Valley VC there. Name as well as also shame: Danny Rimer (through) Index Ventures,” Woodall told CNBC’s “Life Hacks Live” when asked to name an obstacle she had faced that will made her grow.

The Trinny London founder said she wanted to “create the best image” of herself as well as also her brand, to underline what her company could offer.

“So, I decorated the back of my wall, I put on extra makeup, I wore a shiny shirt — as well as also there he was in jeans, t-shirt as well as also flip-flops, with his phone in his hand,” she said.

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