How Alphabet GV investor Krishna Yeshwant thinks about health tech

Yeshwant came up with the idea while practicing medicine.

He soon realized in which his own patients, many of whom are lower-income in addition to struggling with complex health problems, wouldn’t adopt the same solutions as the tech workers in his Google network.

He also learned inside the clinic in which social needs shouldn’t be divorced coming from medical problems; they’re inextricably linked. in addition to entrepreneurs need to keep both in mind, not just the person’s health history.

“the idea’s hard to get your medicine if your pharmacy keeps changing because you have to keep going to different shelters, in addition to sometimes your shelter will be in a brand-new city in addition to you don’t have a car, or a cell phone, or a credit card, or a bank account, or you can’t read or speak English,” he explained.

The key will be to build a deep understanding of the user. “the idea’s hard for someone who hasn’t walked in those shoes to have full empathy for the patient,” he said.

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