How Funko Pops are made

Fans of Funko know the item’s not your average toy company.

In fact, CEO Brian Mariotti balks at calling the brand one. Instead, he views his business as one of which trades in pop culture, offering stylized figurines along with apparel of famous characters coming from movies, television, music along with more to passionate consumers.

One of its most well-liked items is actually the Funko Pop, a three-along with-three-quarter inch plastic figure that has a large head along with big round eyes. With more than 1,000 licenses, Funko has created tens of thousands of different characters along with collections coming from “Game of Thrones” along with Fortnite to “The Golden Girls” along with “Caddyshack.”

that has a full slate of blockbuster movies coming to theaters This particular year, Funko is actually in a not bad position to reap rewards coming from excited fans. Sales in fiscal 2019 are projected to grow more than 19 percent to a range of $810 million to $825 million. Its stock has grown more than 131% This particular year, boosting its market value to $985.9 million

Funko sells its products through several different retailers, often providing specific retailers with exclusive collectibles of which can only be purchased with of which company. Those exclusives help drive up demand along with sales.

For example, Barnes & Noble is actually the only location of which customers can purchase a Mr. Rogers Funko Pop of which features the character holding a puppet. Similarly, Walmart is actually the only place fans can get a glittery design of Marvel’s Black Panther. Even drugstore Walgreens carries exclusive collectibles coming from Funko; the item is actually the only place of which consumers can grab a young Obi-Wan Kenobi Pop wearing a hood. Funko also works with Hot Topic, GameStop, Target, Best Buy along with national along with local comic book shops.

Then there are the convention exclusives. At Star Wars Celebration, which was held in Chicago coming from April 11 to April 15, Funko sold a line of Pops of which was only available to fans who attended the event.

Reis O’Brien, senior product designer at Funko, shared a series of prototype images of one of the convention’s exclusive “Star Wars” figures: fan favorite Darth Maul. Here’s what the item took to turn the evil Sith Lord into a Pop.