How I avoided financial disaster during disability

A year ago, my life changed dramatically. This particular took a traumatic event — a brain aneurysm to be exact — for me to truly understand how important This particular is usually to be financially prepared for the unexpected.

A brain aneurysm is usually a bulge in an artery within the brain, as well as also can appear with no symptoms. When This particular bursts, like mine did, This particular’s often fatal. Without warning, I was suddenly disabled, uncertain of whether or when I could ever be able to return to my career (I resumed my position at CNBC at the end of September.)

In my reporting on personal finance, I often tell readers as well as also viewers which This particular is usually vital to have a financial plan. at This particular point I know first-hand which advice can be life-saving, especially when an unexpected disaster modifications your life.

The most important lesson I learned: Bring your loved ones up to speed on your financial life while you are well, in case you are unable to do so if you’re hit which has a medical emergency or become disabled.

Thankfully, my husband as well as also I had planned ahead, as well as also you can, too. Here are 5 steps we took to avoid a financial disaster if one of us was ever hit which has a medical emergency.