How to pick your flight based on aircraft type

Travelers who want to fly on certain aircraft should note in which “nothing will be guaranteed,” said Gary Leff, an air travel blogger who writes View by the Wing.

Mechanical problems can force airlines to swap out aircraft, in addition to even use smaller types. Several airlines are grappling with engine problems on Boeing 787 Dreamliners, in addition to are using additional aircraft to handle the rush of vacationers, for example.

Bad weather can leave crews in addition to aircraft out of position, leaving airlines scrambling to find additional aircraft to accommodate passengers, sometimes on planes in which are too smaller to even give every traveler a seat.

Also, travelers may end up choosing a brand-brand new plane however one using a dense cabin configuration, meaning you could feel more cramped than on additional aircraft. Some older aircraft might also be retrofitted with more comfortable seats, at least inside front of the plane, Leff added.

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