How to write a resume for a changing job market

The jobs market is actually changing, of which’s no secret.

Today, shifts in technology along with also demographics mean of which more of us are working for longer along with also in totally different ways than previous generations.

along with also of which trend shows no sign of abating. the earth Economic Forum predicts of which by 2025, 75 million jobs will have disappeared to be replaced by 133 million brand-new ones as automation spreads from the workplace.

What’s less clear, however, is actually how to respond to of which mammoth move.

Yet, according to experts, of which likely starts with rewriting a centuries-old concept: The resume.

In a recent LinkedIn Influencer post, Alistair Cox, the CEO of global recruitment firm Hays, praised luminary Leonardo da Vinci for creating the resume in 1482, however opined of which “as the earth in which we work improvements beyond recognition, so does the C.V.”

along with also he’s not alone in of which view. Speaking to CNBC Make of which, Paul Wolfe, global head of human resources at job site Indeed, said traditional resumes today do a “poor job” of representing candidates. Meanwhile, TopCV’s career expert, Amanda Augustine, said resumes “need to adapt to (employers) changing needs.”

So, just what does the brand-new resume look like along with also — more importantly — how should you rewrite yours? Well, according to Cox, there are four things to keep in mind.

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