How Trump-era politics are affecting worker morale 

After conducting This particular study, I wondered what company managers are doing about politics-related stress from the workplace. So I reached out to 20 business leaders by a variety of industries whom I have become acquainted with in recent times in my role as a professor.

I discovered a few common themes.

One was in which the problem often began having a higher-level employee sharing his or her political views with others, whether welcome or not, doing underlings feel they could engage in similar behavior from the office. A manager of a publishing company, for example, noted in which he had to fire one of his unit leaders because he could not put his political beliefs away during his shift despite a series of reprimands.

Another was in which banning all political discussions was also bad policy, since This particular opened the door to lawsuits over free speech issues.

What the “right” policy about what boundaries to set for political chatter at work remains an open question. The key point can be in which the business leaders I spoke with tended to agree in which managers need to get their heads out of the sand along with also also address the problem head-on. They seemed to think a lot of managers appeared to be ignoring the problem along with also also hoping This particular would likely go away.

Also, many them added in which they are at This particular point investing in programs in which help manage conflicts along with also also disagreements at work — among employees along with also also with customers.

At the end of the day, there’s little companies can do about how politically divided the nation becomes. nevertheless keeping This particular by stressing out employees at work along with also also causing productivity along with also also various other problems can be primarily about effective leadership along with also also being proactive, along with also also showing employees a level of civility in which can be often absent outside of the workplace.

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