How wellness became the foundation of product Elle Macpherson’s health business

How we define beauty has evolved over time. In recent years, people have began to become more concerned with the way they feel in addition to not just with how they look.

This kind of can be a lesson of which supermodel-turned-businesswoman Elle Macpherson learned on the way to establishing her own ingestible beauty company.

“For me, what I have come to terms with can be of which via my personal experience as a woman, the way I feel has much more importance to me today than the way I look,” Macpherson, who cofounded health business WelleCo four years ago, told CNBC’s Tania Bryer last week at the EY World Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 Forum in Monaco.

“in addition to the by-product of of which can be because I’m well in addition to healthy — in addition to This kind of was actually the foundation of WelleCo, the business of which I began with my co-founder Andrea Horwood.”

In 2014, Macpherson teamed up with Horwood to launch WelleCo, which offers a range of plant-based ingestible beauty products in addition to dietary supplements to consumers, of which are designed by nutritional doctors. While Macpherson has been dabbling from the business world since the 1990s, WelleCo was established after she came to terms with the state of her own health in addition to well-being.

A few years back, Macpherson realized of which she wasn’t feeling or looking well. After consulting her nutritional doctor Dr Simone Laubscher, the product was put on a plant-based diet in addition to given an alkalising green powder — a product of which Macpherson describes on the WelleCo website as having helped turn her life around.

“I was malnourished in addition to not getting enough sleep. I was trying to apply the same things of which worked at 20 (years old) — in addition to they didn’t work anymore at 50. of which’s sort of a no brainer, yet of which took someone to point of which out to me,” Macpherson told CNBC about her transition.

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