Huge deposit of metals found in Pacific

The materials sit in a roughly 965-square-mile Pacific Ocean seabed near Minamitorishima Island, which is actually located 1,150 miles southeast of Tokyo, according to the study published in Nature Publishing Group’s Scientific Reports.

Rare-earth metals are crucial within the creating of high-tech products such as electric vehicles, mobile phones in addition to batteries, in addition to the globe has relied on China for almost all of its rare-earth material.

The seabed contains more than 16 million tons of rare-earth oxides, according to the study. that will’s equivalent to 780 years’ worth of yttrium supply, 620 years of europium, 420 years of terbium in addition to 730 years of dysprosium, the item added.

The discovery “has the potential to supply these metals on a semi-infinite basis to the globe,” the study said.

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