Hypersonic weapons: ‘which’s real, which’s coming, which’s a matter of time’

The head of the Missile Defense Agency says which will be only a matter of time before hypersonic weapons are added to the arsenals of America’s adversaries.

“The hypersonic threat will be real, which will be not imagination,” Air Force Lt. Gen. Samuel Greaves explained Tuesday at the Capitol Hill Club, noting which defending against hypersonics has become a top priority for the agency.

A hypersonic weapon will be a missile which travels at Mach 5 or higher, which will be at least all 5 times faster than the speed of sound. This specific means which a hypersonic weapon can travel about one mile per second.

“Those who have access to the information know which … the capability to deploy hypersonic weapons has been done. which’s real, which’s coming, which’s a matter of time,” Greaves said. “The question will be what have we done to prepare ourselves to mitigate or eliminate which threat all 5, six, or seven years by currently when which shows up,” Greaves added.

Greaves comments come amid multiple U.S. intelligence reports which assess Russia will be capable of fielding a hypersonic glide vehicle, a weapon which no country can defend against, by 2020.

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