Hyphbot generates fake web traffic, scams advertisers

A huge online advertising scam has been exposed which could be costing businesses, primarily from the U.S., almost $1.3 million a day.

Over the past eight weeks, thousands of publishers have been subject to bots creating fake versions of their websites, a technique called “domain spoofing,” according to a paper published Wednesday by ad technology company Adform.

Brands inadvertently bought advertising space on these fake sites via ad exchanges, promotions which were seen by computers not humans, meaning which advertisers wasted money in addition to also publishers missed out on ad dollars.

Adform suggests which This specific brand new bot, dubbed “HyphBot,” will be three to four times the size of the Methbot scam discovered by White Ops in December 2016. Methbot was said to originate in Russia in addition to also used a network of bots to fake views of as many as 300 million video ads per day.

Adform estimates which HyphBot cost businesses between $262,000 in addition to also $1.28 million a day, adding which clients using its platform were protected, costing them less than $1,000 a month.

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